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Non-Executive Director Services

Providing objective ‘helicopter view’ assessments and solutions within your own Board of Directors


At StratStep Consulting we know what your aviation business has been through over the last year.  Your board of directors has worked tirelessly to keep the business viable which means a lot of work on strategy and growth has been put on the back-burner. However with cashflow being the focus from more of a survivability perspective it is now time to look at how you get the business back on track as the world reopens.


Bringing onboard an experienced and proven NED (Non-Executive Director) may be exactly what the business needs. Fresh and objective ideas can help your board focus on looking at opportunities as we all look at the new market we have entered into. How do you grow market share in this new environment? How do you create a pathway back to profitability?  Have you pursued any consolidation, partnership or acquisition initiatives?


StratStep Consulting can help you through our pool of experienced NED’s ready to help your board get business back on track.

Our NED pool brings aviation experience specific to:


  • Mergers

  • Acquisitions

  • Partnerships

  • Consolidation

  • Market share growth

  • Joint Ventures

  • Buy-outs

  • Distressed businesses 


For Investment Groups


Have you recently made the wise decision to acquire an aviation related company? Do you need to install your own NED into the new company that will make sure your investment is protected and grows?

StratStep Consulting is ready to help with our extensive pool of experienced NED’s who know how to grow a business while protecting the investment made by a Group like yours.


Finding a trusted NED with the right network of aviation industry contacts and expansive knowledge of the aviation sector, along with the proven track record to grow a business in today’s challenging market is not easy to find. Contact us today and let's talk through what your expectations are and your required qualifications to give you the confidence the right person is on your new board of directors.

Airplane Above the Clouds

Vision, Values and Culture

We believe every move in business should be both a strategic step with a philosophy of striving far beyond the stratosphere towards the stars. Of course, with our foundations in aviation and aerospace the name naturally aligned with our goals and partnership alliances. 

Download our prospectus to find out how we are helping to revolutionise the aviation industry.



+44 (0)20 8798 0842


Get in touch to find out more about how we can help revolutionise yout operations using our aviation expertise in revenue, marketing and operations. 

StratStep Consulting, International House,12 Constance Street, London E16 2DQ

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